Europa Cinema Night


Tisza Cinema - the Alexandre Trauner Festival's main venue - has given place to the event called Europa Cinema Night. In the scope of the program we screened the film, The White White Day - Icelandic drama on 03 December 2019. The event was full house; aftre the film Anna Koltay moderated the Q&A with Ingvar E Sigurdsonn, main actor.

Europa Cinema Night

Only Tisza Cinema has received invitation to participate in this international program from the countryside, and Urania Film Theater from the capital, Budapest. The event was supported by Europa Cinemas and the European Comission's Media Program. Europa Cinema Night aimed to call peoples' attention to the richness of European films and cinemas. The program was held in 27 European countries, in 54 cities in front of 14500 viewers.

In the city of Szolnok, one of the oldest filmclubs of the country gave place to the screening of the film, The White White Day Icelandic-Danish drama. The audience could meet the actor of the film who talked about his profession and the people and life in Iceland. After the Q&A we gave out presents offered by the Creative Media and we invited our guests to a coctail in the café of the cinema.