Masterclass, Workshop

Dávid Géczy’s masterclass

Production design in documentary films and the role of visuals in advertisements
13 October 2021, Wednesday, at 2:00 pm

Dávid Géczy’s masterclassDescription:

What is a visual?

What is colour dramaturgy? What are colour scales?

How do a set designer, a props master, a costume designer, a cinematographer and a director collaborate?

What is measuring light?

How do the lighting, the setting, the photography and digital light manipulation all come together?

How does the director or cinematographer design the visual concept of a film – a commercial, a music video, a short live action film or a documentary?

Directors that could be recognized by their visuals.

You can learn about all these at film director Dávid Géczy’s lecture!

Peter Webber’s masterclass

“150 000 Decisions”
14 October 2021, Thursday, at 2:00 pm

Peter Webber’s masterclassDescription:

An average person makes 35 000 decisions a day, including stuff like do I brush my teeth before or after breakfast, do I run to catch this bus or wait for the next one and including all their work choices.

A director, when making a film, makes 150 000 a day on average.

Moderator: Balazs Juszt film director

Jean Rabasse’s masterclass

Jackie. Set, reality or creation?
15 October 2021, Friday, at 2:00 pm
Jean Rabasse’s masterclass
Photographer: Stephanie Branchu


During the creation of the set of «Jackie», we had to continue the set of the White House simultaneously with the realty of the documentary of the CBS tour. How do we create a new reality?