Tamás Futó is the creator of the new ATAFF design


Tamás Futó is a many-sided graphic designer, fine artist and writer. He was glad to undertake the design of the film festival for 2021. He was inspired by the pedestrian bridge of Szolnok and also by our festival's icon Alexandre Trauner.

Tamás Futó is the creator of the new ATAFF design

Tamás was the member of the fine art jury last year so he got to know well the spirit of our film festival and also the main sights of the city.

Tamás Futó: Szolnok is known as the city of waters, big perspectives, the may-fly and the bridge forming a may-fly and being an iconic monument of the city. These attributes that can be strongly connected with the town are worth to be included in the design of the festival as other big cities in the world do as well. The modern visualization of this motif helps to strengthen the identity between the local residents and the film festival. The main motif not only recalls the bridge but also the film strip or Alexandre Trauner's handmark.