Emir Kusturica is the star guest of ATAFF 2022


The star guest of the Alexandre Trauner ART/Film Festival - 11-16 October 2022- is Emir Kusturica Serbian film director, script writer, musician, producer, actor. At the film festival in fall on 15 October, Saturday Mr Kusturica holds a masterclass at TISZApART Cinema and gives a concert with his band: Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orschestra after the award giving ceremony of the film festival in the Aba-Novák Agóra Cultural Center.

You can buy the tickets for the concert here and for the masterclass here.

Emir Kusturica is the star guest of ATAFF 2022

There is no need to introduce Emir Kusturica to the public, his films were awarded at the most well-known film festivals; his films such as Time of the Gypsies, Underground, Balck Cat, White Cat, and Arizona Dream are known worldwide. His band has composed many of the music for his films; the members of the band has been playing together for more than 25 years. Their music is a mixture of Balkan mix, folkpunk, gypsy music and Balkan rumba.

At the film festival of Szolnok the audience can see his film lecture the first time in Hungary and for the evening it is guaranteed that the volume will be turned up by the The No Smoking Orchestra. Further information about the tickets to the masterclass and the concert can be soon found on our webpage: and