• The Alexandre Trauner ART/FILM Festival takes place in Szolnok, at the confluence of the Tisza and Zagyva rivers, 100 kilometers east from Budapest.

  • Szolnok is around 90 minutes by road from Budapest (road M4). However, most festival goers from abroad arrive via Budapest (Ferihegy) International Airport. The airport is located about 21 km southeast of the city center. Terminal 2 serves all Schengen Area and non-Schengen destinations, also used by low-cost airlines (such as WizzAir, EasyJet and RyanAir).

  • Railway: There is a railway station connected to Terminal 2. Passengers from Terminal 2A or 2B can reach it by taking the 200E bus to the stop called "Ferihegy vasútállomás" (appr. 10 min). Frequent trains run from Budapest-Nyugati (west) to Szolnok during peak hours. It takes about 90 minutes to arrive to the city. Long-distance trains called Intercity (or Gyors). If you want to have a comfortable trip, use the InterCity trains. Tickets can be bought at the information desk at the airport or from the ticket vending machines at the station. For timetable information, check the Railways website.

  • Bus: Budapest's long distance bus stations are located outside the city centre, but are very well connected to the rest of the city. The main station is Népliget Bus station (Népliget autóbuszállomás). Buses from abroad and most of Western Hungarian destinations arrive and depart here. For timetable information, check the official website of Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK - Budapesti Közlekedési Központ).

  • Once you arrive in Szolnok, we are happy to pick you up at the railway station. You can also get a taxi at the station to reach the cinema. The cinema where the festival takes place is next to river Tisza, at a square where the pedestrian bridge starts.

  • For further information or help please contact us at festival [at]