Call for entries

The world's only film festival combining visual arts with science, the Alexandre Trauner ART/FILM Festival 2023 will be held in Szolnok, at the TISZApART Cinema, from 17-22 October 2023.

The festival invites entries in the following categories:

1. Feature Films Competition

In 2023, we select 10 feature films made after 1 January 2021, where the visual style of the film is a key element. In this section, the films will be judged by an international jury on the basis of the coherence of the visual flow, the story and the visuals, and the overall impact of the visual techniques used (built sets, original locations, CGI). (Award recipients: the film's production designers).

2. „Spectacular Science” Films Competition (competitive)

In this competition category, we welcome portrait films about scientists, or documentaries visualizing scientific discoveries and nature and environmental protection. Among the named works can be experimental films that use the results of science and technology to renew the motion picture expression, as well as films dealing with the relationship between science and pseudoscience, and pseudo-documentaries that present scientific discoveries that do not exist.

Entry deadline: 16 June 2023.

3. Student Films Competition (competitive)

This category is open to films made after 1 January 2021 by students (under 30 years old) in European film, media or arts education. There are no genre restrictions, but films must be no longer than 30 minutes.

Entry deadline: 16 June 2023.

4. Hungarian Film Competition for Hungarian filmmakers from Hungary and abroad

In this category, we aim to award films that demonstrate or raise awareness of the importance of developing a culture of informed consumer decision-making in the fields of communications, media and digital culture in the broad sense, and cinema.

The special prize will be awarded to films that promote media awareness, media literacy, using online opportunities and at the same time help to fight online threats.

Entries can be submitted on any of the above themes, with a free choice of subject, technique and genre. Entries are invited in accordance with the following thematic and genre criteria:

1. The advantages of using online media consciously and the potential of this, solutions that make life easier, values, principles, approaches and practices related to its use.

2. The new digital future! - Presentation of the social and personality-shaping effects of the latest technologies (artificial intelligence, blockchain, NFT, metaverse, etc.), the related media phenomena, the interaction between technology and society, and the ideas and expectations related to these phenomena with particular emphasis on child and family protection.

3. Dangers in online media! - To present dangerous or harmful phenomena, situations, trends, user habits and attitudes related to the everyday use of media by children and young people, and to explore the causes and trends behind these phenomena.

4. Portrait film - the portrayal of the above phenomena through individuals and groups, their lives, personalities, habits, daily life, social relationships, social and societal background and the context of their life history, exploring the links between online media phenomena and other habits, situations and their impact on the lives of individuals is particularly encouraged.

Entry deadline: 1 September 2023.